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Creating videos that engage the audience that brands, agencies and publishers want to influence.

Remaining top of mind across fragmented media, requires that brands publish ever more content. It needs to be thumb stopping in a busy newsfeed and made effective in multiple
formats. And with so many channels to fill, it cannot always be made with TV level budgets. 
For marketeers tasked with earning attention, finding partners who understand and solve for this reality is mission critical. 

A smarter way of working

With 10+ years filmmaking experience, I lead every client engagement; working independently or with a roster of freelance producers, sound recordists, editors, animators and other specialists on a project-by-project basis. With less infrastructure to sustain, clients see more of their budget on-screen. And it means the people most suited to a project can be matched accordingly. Benefit from the expertise you need, but only when you need it.

Do more with less

Working solo or with multi-talented small crews allows us to work quickly and efficiently. We’re thinking about the cross-channel, lifetime value of the work. When making a brand documentary, can we create cut-down versions in different formats that work across social platforms? Does the interview get transcribed and turned into written blog content, and can we pick out salient quotes to share on social? Perhaps we can gather photographs alongside video, or shoot additional ‘off script’ content to build a library of footage. Can we bring non-competitive brands or talent into the project, to share production and media costs? The opportunities are extensive. Whatever your budget, we’ll work to maximise it.

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