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Remaining top of mind across fragmented media requires that brands publish ever more content.

It needs to be thumb stopping in a busy newsfeed and made effective in multiple
formats. And with so many channels to fill, it cannot always be made with TV-level budgets. 
For marketeers tasked with earning attention, finding partners who understand and solve for this reality is critical. 

A smarter way of doing things

With 10+ years filmmaking experience, I lead every client engagement; working independently or with a roster of freelance strategists, producers, sound recordists, editors, animators and other specialists on a project-by-project basis. With less infrastructure to sustain, clients see more of their budget on-screen. And it means the people most suited to a project can be matched accordingly. Benefit from the expertise you need, but only when you need it.


The most important questions we can ask of any marketing initiative are; what do we want to achieve? What’s the best way of doing this with the resources we have available? And once the work is made and shared, how do we define its success? When planning any project we begin with the end in mind, referring back to this during production.

The help you need

Where external experts are involved in projects, their fees are passed onto clients net, with a fixed charge on top. Value is created by people, so pay for the contribution they make, without the penalty of times-X mark-ups on their efforts. With no incentive to push bigger projects, yet no penalty for doing those bigger projects when they make sense, we’re free to represent your best interests.

We can work together in one of two ways


You’ve got a specific project in mind; from simple event coverage to a more complex branded documentary. There could be a tight brief already, or just the early stages of an idea. Get in touch to get the ball rolling.


You recognise the benefits of consistently creating video, and believe that partnering with a single trusted producer over the medium-to-long term will yield more effective results along with a simpler, productive working relationship. Commit to a minimum monthly spend, and we’ll commit to conceiving, producing and distributing resonant video content as an extension to your team, with fees linked in part to performance – if that’s how you want to work.

Enquiry? Contact Ciaran

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