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Content is abundant. Attention is scarce. Yet never, in all of human history, has it been possible to earn attention for change-making ideas as readily as we can today.

Storytelling has always been used to communicate and persuade, but in our digital hyperconnected world, good ideas communicated well can find their place and make more impact.

Do good work. Talk about it in a way that’s interesting. And then make sure the right people are watching. 

Most organisations should be investing in video content. Whether for brand awareness, SEO, internal communications, or as an aide for sales, we discuss the ways in which video can best meet your objectives.

We achieve high production values whilst remaining cost-effective. We work to schedule and often to tight deadlines. Capabilities cover the full gamut of pre-production, filming, editing and finishing.

Why spend money making a video, for it to languish on YouTube with half a dozen views? Good content needs an effective promotional strategy. We can help you create one.

Once your content is ‘out in the wild’, we make sure it’s performing by studying detailed video analytics. If changes need to be made, we make them. It’s about accountability and striving for a positive ROI.

Be Interesting. Earn Attention.

By creating content that interests audiences, we deliver outcomes that interest brands.

Video allows us to tell the stories that matter, at scale and in the most resonant way possible.

My name is Ciaran, and along with a team of skilled freelancers, I help brands, agencies and publishers do video well. You can reach me directly on 07877932954, or via email: