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The Process

How it Works 

All marketing should be made in service of an objective. An initial phone call, sometimes followed by a meeting, gives us the opportunity to discuss your ambitions for the project.
There could be a tight brief already, or just the early stages of an idea.
We’ll talk about timelines, your budget and how to make the most of it,  as well as possible strategic and creative approaches.


Pre-production encompasses the creative and logistical preparation that ensures your project runs smoothly. You will have a single point of contact from here until project sign-off.

Script development, research, pre-interviews, discovery sessions and planning keep the focus on delivering effective work, whilst the practical steps of scheduling, travel arrangements and equipment preparation make your shoot days more productive.

More often than not, we’re gathering material for numerous deliverables, with a view to making full films, cut-downs and social edits in multiple formats. It’s careful pre-production that makes this creative efficiency possible.



Filming locally or internationally, on-location or in a studio; production brings together the equipment and talent you need. Whether that’s a single filmmaker on a one-day shoot for a simpler project, or a crew of domain experts with full camera and lighting packages for more ambitious productions.  Maximising opportunity yet eliminating waste means applying no more or less than the expertise you need, in a way that is project appropriate. A typical crew size consists of 2-3 people.


Post-production encompasses an editorial ‘picture-cut’, sound design, colour grading and visual effects. This can take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks; involving a single editor, or specialists for each stage.
We’ll share your films via a private interactive portal that allows for seamless collaboration, feedback and sign-off, backed by responsive hands-on project management.
Frequently asked questions
How much does it cost?

We tend to work with clients who expect to spend £15,000 or more per annum on video production. Some will invest this over just one or two projects. Others focus their money on smaller, more frequent activations.

Effective content marketing requires strategic and sustained investment. It’s around or above this level of commitment that we can build a partnership, plan for long-term success and deliver the most value.

Our minimum level of engagement for project work is £2,500.

What are the payment terms?
Typically 40% upfront, with the balance upon project completion. The costs of video production can be heavily front-loaded with crew and equipment to pay for, sometimes long before a project is complete.
An initial payment covers some of this exposure and lets us start on the vital planning and pre-production that happens before cameras roll.
What kind of companies do you work with?
Our focus is predominantly on luxury and design-led brands, but we work across sectors, with agency partners and corporates. Project types are wide-ranging, from elaborate brand pieces to internal communications videos.
How quickly can you turn projects around?
Video projects are normally completed in a 2 week period, subject to collaborative and proactive planning, project feedback, and approvals. We’ve also turned fairly substantial projects around within 48 hours, and the simplest shoots same-day. It’s advantageous to leave as much time as you can, but equally, we can be responsive when needed.
Do you offer any other services?
We can help with campaign planning, creative development and direction as it relates to video production. Where it makes sense, we can also arrange for still photography to take place alongside video.

Making sure people see your content through media buys, PR, social media management and so on is essential, but others can do that better. If you would like some recommendations from within our network, please get in touch.

Do you do international work?
Yes. We’ve filmed client projects across the breadth of the United Kingdom, in America, and perhaps a dozen European locations.

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