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CTO Lighting is found in some of the world’s exclusive residential and commercial interiors.


As part of an ongoing project, we’re producing a slate of product specific and brand storytelling videos. Filming in London, throughout England and across Europe, we’ve conducted interviews, witnessed artisans blow glass in Venice, and filmed elaborate studio set-builds. We will continue to film new products and showcase the specialist makers who apply their crafts to CTO’s distinctive lighting, adding to the dozens of video edits already delivered.    

Working fast to create unrehearsed, documentary style coverage at the factories and workshops, we’re building a substantial library of material to use in future projects. 4K acquisition means that YouTube-friendly landscape footage can be cropped for vertical Instagram stories, without compromising the quality. Planning carefully and making the best technical choices, result in creative efficiencies that make the most of every budget.


Skye Pendant, Product Video

Cloudeseley Chandelier, Product Video


Hanover Table, Product Video


Lucid Pendant, Product Video


Anvers Pendant, Product Video


Anvers Wall, Product Video

Mouthblown Glass

Instagram Story, Advertisement

Fritted Glass

Instagram Story, Advertisement


Instagram Story, Teaser

Compelling creative contributes to markedly reduced costs per acquisition on lead-generation campaigns. We’re seeing the success of this as CTO Lighting uses a suite of optimised and diverse videos to introduce their new products, drive website traffic and remain top-of-mind via social media advertising, paid promotion and collaborations.

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