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Helen Bartlett is a leading family portrait photographer and Canon Ambassador.

Helen is clear in her purpose as a photographer, and able to explain that purpose persuasively in conversation – so the film centres around an interview that lasted for perhaps one hour. From this, key points were chosen to tell a story about her motivations, the way her portrait sessions are structured and essentially, the lasting importance of the photographs to the families she works with.

The interview was supplemented with behind the scenes footage of Helen at work. We also incorporated lots of her photographs into the film, which all being in black and white, stood apart from the video content.

“I commissioned Ciaran to create a promotional video for me and I was thrilled with the results. Ciaran bought huge expertise to the project, both in terms of filming and editing but also in creating and directing the content. His marketing knowledge meant that he was able to see opportunities that I hadn’t thought of and suggest ways to improve my ideas with the end result in mind. This meant that my scatter-gun approach became streamlined into a focused promotional video that has been a huge hit with my clients”.

“It’s also worth highlighting Ciaran’s skill as an interviewer. Over the years I’ve been interviewed for numerous projects and always hated the process, feeling self conscious and stumbling over my thoughts. Ciaran has a way of drawing out the very best in those he is interviewing, asking the right questions to highlight the message but also ensuring that the interviewee feels comfortable, confident and able to express themselves well. I found the process eye-opening and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ciaran wholeheartedly for any one looking for an excellent video to show their company or market their skills and products”.

Helen Bartlett, Portrait Photographer and Canon Ambassador

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