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Client: Red Balloon

Co-Production with CTVC
7 films delivered

Red Balloon support young people who have self-excluded from school because of bullying or other trauma. They provide education and therapy to help children reconnect with society.

The brief was to create seven films for the charity, ranging from a recruitment video to a day in the life of a Red Balloon student. Travelling widely over several weeks, we filmed 14 interviews with staff, students, alumna, parents and professors.

Red Balloon Anniversary Film

Features contributions from staff and alumna. Filmed at the RB Learner Centres.

With limited budget as well as a need to work quickly and unobtrusively, just two crew members were on location. Camera equipment was kept to an absolute minimum, with a single light used for the interviews. The documentary coverage was gathered during the school day with natural light, without direction, as unobtrusively as possible. 

What do I say – they are brilliant, moving, powerful, true and accurate, a lovely testimonial, tear jerking and just a wonderful record of what we do, why, how and the outcomes. I am in bits!

Dr Carrie Herbert MBE, Founder and President of Red Balloon

A Parent’s Story

The Story of a Red Balloon Alumna

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