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To create and distribute persuasive communication that results in emotional and behavioural change, is an essential activity for every business. The aim should not be to make a poster, make a video, or make a website for its own sake, but rather to make something that does something.

How long should the video be? What should the video look like and how much should it cost? All tactical questions that can only be answered by addressing higher-level strategic ambitions. What value does this hold for the audience? How do we align this with meaningful business objectives? What, having watched the video, do we want this audience to think, feel and do? If we believe this creative can contribute measurably to a key business or campaign improvement, what is the value? Accordingly, how much time, budget and resource should we invest/risk to get there? Focus on the audience, the business objective and scope. Valuable creative output follows. 

Hint: If you’re working with an expert, somebody who knows their craft and acts to understand your business, let them in early. True expertise is manifest within the strategic work that underpins creative output, not just in the implementation of ideas.