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Imagine this sales scenario. Your company offers a relatively complex, high value service to business customers. Anna, one of your most experienced salespeople calls a prospect client. They don’t know your company yet, so this is a cold lead, but Anna is confident your business can add value.

She asks to speak with the Marketing Director. A Marketing Executive receives the call instead. Anna introduces the product. The call ends five minutes later with the executive promising to talk it over with the three decision makers.

The outcome, for now at least, is no longer controlled by Anna. Somebody who has other priorities, and just five minutes familiarity with your product, is expected to get buy-in from their leadership team. They are not equipped to field objections, and they are not familiar enough with the service to present it in a persuasive manner.

Your message is muddied as the executive fails to make a convincing argument for your product.

Anna tries again, but this time she has a short video that explains with absolute clarity, the value your company brings to the table. It’s the most succinct and compelling story your company can tell, made infinitely repeatable and always available, for every decision maker to watch.

Armed with this video, how much more successfully can your product now be pitched?*

Whether for internal salespeople, referral partners who promote your offering, or client prospects who need ‘sell’ your service to multiple stakeholders, the benefit of supplying them with resources to make their success more likely is clear.

Video allows us to not only talk to people, but talk through them, with content that is useful and easily shared. It can be a straightforward, cost effective way to open new doors and close more business.

*Interaction with your video content can be tracked in your CRM. How many times has the contact played the video? Have they shared it? Have they re-watched certain parts? Perhaps it’s time to send them follow-up video case studies relevant to their industry, that explains what your product can uniquely do for them?